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Spring 09 Men Collection by Dior Homme

Mariana de Carvalho Recomenda

Shirley Bassey nasceu a 8 de Janeiro de 1937 no País de Gales. Os seus trabalhos mais conhecidos são os temas que cantou nos filmes de James Bond: Goldfinger (1964), Diamonds Are Forever (1971), e Moonraker (1979).
Actualmente vive no Monaco e realiza turnês pela Europa e Estados Unidos.

Temos Cantor

E foi assim a Marcha deste Ano

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Get The Sunglasses

Mariana de Carvalho Recomenda

Get The Bag

GQ July 2008

Neon Tango!

Pixelated Warrior, Defender of the Bytes! Launch your cybership into battle against the forces of chaos across 50 stages of bitmapped treachery overflowing with glowing enemies and pulsating bosses. Conceived with a gorgeous minimalism, Neon Tango licks the shoot-em-up genre down to its chewy abstract center.

Get tricky by bouncing your shots off of walls and enemies as you charge up your cannon to deliver massive energy blasts. Dodge the forces of entropy by stopping time or activating your hyper thrusters. Each arcade-packed wave offers a brand new way to play, thanks to unique enemies and clever levels. State of the art OpenGL graphics and a killer soundtrack from Digital Droo, dazzle the senses, while the built-in online scoring lets you mock your friends as you beat their hi-scores like a Bulgarian circus monkey in Campaign, Survival and Fast Score modes.

System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
G4 , G5, or Intel Processor
800 MHz or faster
32 MB VRAM minimum
512 MB RAM minimum
500 MB hard drive space minimum

Parabéns Plastic Poney

À 21 anos nasceu Fábio Pinto, um jovem bem-disposto, simpático, amigo, com optimo bom gosto e com um dom vocal fantástico.
Afinal de contas... It's Plastic Poney, bitch!