quarta-feira, 25 de março de 2009

Luxury Home

This palatial, 16,000-sq.-ft. luxury home in London’s Hampstead area is a dream come true. Designed by husband and wife team Anil and Marisa Varma, of Harrison Varma, this modern eight-bedroom house – aptly named “The Mansion” – was born from the couple’s sheer frustration at their fruitless search for a beautiful, generous, flexible modern property. So they decided to design their own.

The Mansion features an amazing modern exterior, with a facade of crisp white and windows galore! A series of outdoor terraces encircle the house, while decks are carved out of the landscape to create layers of private gardens, sunken lounging areas and a fabulous pool concealed beneath one of the gardens.
The Mansion’s interior is as complex as its exterior. A simple palette of white is the perfect backdrop for the home’s modern finishes and features, like the vast wood-framed windows, sunken and raised ceilings, and the gorgeous sculptural staircase that makes its way gracefully from the main floor to the upper level.
Upstairs, the piece de resistance has got to be the master bathroom – a spa-inspired space of ultimate luxury.
The home is currently for sale for UK £35,000,000 (US $48,000,000).

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